4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)
4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)
4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)
4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)
4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)

4-in-1 Style Caddy (White)

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The 4-in-1 Style Caddy is the original, patented hair extension holder loved by millions of hair extension users and professional hair stylists around the world.  It makes working with hair extensions easier than ever before! 

This hair extension caddy does it all!  Use it to COLOR, WASH, STYLE, PACK, & STORE.  It's small enough to fit inside a shampoo bowl for easy toning & washing, yet large enough to store an entire 8 piece set of clip-in extensions. 

It comes with a velvet bag to keep your extensions neat and organized while traveling and removable hooks that fit on any size coat hanger for storage. 

Hair Extension Styling, reimagined.

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Here to answer your Qs.

I have a full set of clip in extensions, 9 pieces, which holder shoud I get? The Ultra or 4-in-1 Caddy?

If your hair extensions are super thick and you want to hold ALL your extensions at one time while washing and blow drying, we recommend the Ultra. If you're extensions are not real thick, or you only use a few pieces at a time when you wash and style, the 4-in-1 caddy will be your best choice. It's super compact, and with the velvet travel bag, it's super portable!

The 4-in-1 caddy also holds a complete set of clip ins for storage - just make sure to close all the clips on on your extensions before placing them in the caddy, otherwise they may not all fit. Open clips take up much more space in the caddy than closed ones.

Is there a trick to getting the holder to stay suctioned down?

In order for suction cups to properly work, they must SEAL to a COMPLETELY SMOOTH and NON POROUS surface. Think glass window or bathroom vanity mirror. Suction cups WILL NOT adhere to natural stone, like travertine or marble - and they will not stick to most walls either. These types of surfaces are porous, which doesn't allow the suction cups to seal. Suction cups must SEAL to the surface they're attached to, meaning no air can get under the suction cup. 

Will the Ultra hold my halo extensions with the invisible wire?

Yes! The Ultra was actually designed to hold Halo extensions. It's extra wide, and the teeth are tall enough to hold the wide laced back extensions.

It also holds your thickest ponytail extension too!

Which one is better to hold tape in hair pieces?

We like using the 4-in-1 caddy to hold a 20 piece set of tape ins when coloring, washing and blow drying. If you have multiple sets of tape ins, the Ultra may be a better choice.


Each of the suction cups has a small tab that you need to lift to release the seal. DO NOT try to pull the caddy from the mirror (or any other surface) without releasing the suction cup seal first. This can cause permanent damage to the caddy,

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